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A Family Dispute Mediation

Mediation is an opportunity for parties who have been unable to resolve issues by themselves, to enter into a process where an impartial mediator acts as a guide; this enables the parties to reach some clarity in respect of the issues and to focus on the outcomes, to reach agreement.


A Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) practitioner is an independent person who helps people affected by separation, or divorce, to resolve their parenting disputes.

To be called an FDR practitioner a person must meet the accreditation standards in the Family Law (Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners) Regulations 2008; which includes having been assessed as competent in units that involve screening and assessing families for family violence and child abuse.

The Department of the Attorney General manages the accreditation of FDR practitioners in Australia and is able to provide information about the operation of the Regulations.


This service is especially tailored for Mediation in cases of Family Dispute Resolution. Always seeking for, and moving towards, a resolution agreement, we conduct resolution meetings as a resource to you, with full respect for both parties.


Based on 31 years of legal practice in differing areas of law, this particular practice has been established specifically to assist people in Family Mediation as an FDRP (Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner). With a background of wide legal practice, this service has arisen in response to a community need. Disputes need to be resolved, and we provide an expert mediator; one always looking toward agreement and resolution, freeing people to put the past in its place and re-start.

John Bickford was admitted to legal practice in 1985 and is registered by the Attorney General’s department as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.

He is a Nationally Accredited Mediator; and a solicitor of the Supreme of QLD and the High Court of Australia.

During his 31 year career in private practice John has been involved in many mediations, in commercial disputes and family disputes. Hiis specialty is working through all the issues as a neutral resource, especially in matters regarding care of the children, so that there are no surprises later.

John strives to ensure always that he engages in focused pre-mediation preparation, in order that the best outcome possible can be achieved.

Although each mediation is individual there are some common steps:


Step 1.

A mediation is a confidential and private process. Mediation is always done as a collaboration.


Step 2.

A mediation is commenced by at least one party contacting the mediator with a request to attend a mediation.


Step 3.

If both parties are willing to participate in a mediation, the mediator will then collect information from the parties concerning the issues and a short background of the matter; (these are our Intake Interviews).

Step 4.

The mediator wants to know about you, your circumstances, and your goals for mediation and the degree of common understanding between those involved.


Without doubt, the sole goal of a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner is to find an agreed position, from which both parties are able to take the next steps in their lives.

We are experts at finding that solution position.

We have been there before, and know the way towards resolving disputes.


Step 5.

John prefers to do his Intake Interviews by telephone. In this way the parties, secure in their own choice of environment, interact with John for the one to one and a half hours that it takes to do the interview.


Step 6.

After interviewing both parties, John will arrange a time and a mutual location to conduct the mediation meetings.


Step 7.

If an agreement is reached, an Agreement Document can be drafted, or a Heads of Agreement document can be drafted to be used as a basis for the parties to obtain advice from their own lawyers, or accountants, which will be then converted into an Agreement between the parties.


Step 8.

Once the mediation is complete, John (as the mediator) will complete the necessary forms for you.

We have a preference to do mediations with the parties present in person.

When appropriate, we can do shuttle mediations where there is a different room for each party, and you do not have to engage directly with the other party.

We also do telephone and skype mediations if required.


John is prepared to travel throughout Queensland and Australia.

Travel expenses by negotiation.


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